Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dollhouse dust door

My latest challenge was to come up with a way to keep the dust out of the Kinfeld. I didn’t want to make doors with hinges because I was having a hard time finding the right make and size hinge.
Plus I have done this before and the door would sometimes move while I was trying to work on the house.
After a back-and-forth with my good friend Hubert Lengdorfer we came up with a solution. I can’t stress enough how important some brain tennis with a friend is when you are both stumped.
We were pretty proud of ourselves!

So here is what I did. I cut thin strips of basswood and glued thicker strips (a bit thicker than my plexiglass) inside of them to make tracks for the plexiglass.

When I glued the tracks to the house I laid a thick piece of wood (the height I wanted the track to come up over the floor) and held the track flush to it. I used a hot glue gun to get a quick hold.

Then I measured the height for each floor inside the tracks and cut my plexiglass glass. I cut my plexiglass with an X-acto knife a few times and then snapped it apart.

I was going to drill a small hole and put in a knob to help slide the glass but it wasn’t necessary. 

The top floor took some more thinking. I was going to use magnets but I could’t find metal strips so I used small strips of velcro. So the glass sits in the track and the tops have velcro tabs.

I have to say I really like this method. I can still see into the house with no obstacles, the dust stays out and I can get inside easily. If I really need to get in there I can remove the glass completely and set it to the side. Otherwise I can slide it enough to do what I need to do and then close it.

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  1. This is such a great solution! It not only looks great, but it seems simple enough that I may just give it a try! Thanks for sharing, and did I mention the house is just such a pleasure to look at!

  2. A Really good way to keep the dust out, but allows you get inside the doll's house when and where you want to. :D


  3. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

  4. A terrific idea and seems easy enough to do with your instructions. My house gets so dusty from living on the farm that this will be a welcome addition to my dollhouse. Enjoying your blog and tutorials. Thank you for sharing!