Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dollhouse stairs

I loath making dollhouse stairs. I actually promised myself after the last build that I would never do it again, but I got suckered into it once again! 
I had a stair kit in my stash so I cut off the top step and then shaped the base to look like I wanted. 
The step tops were separate pieces of wood with predrilled holes for the spindles. I sanded the edges round and painted the edges with brown and then covered them with the same flooring print out using Yes Paste. The base step is mat board.
The railing will be the last step, but I will put it off as long as possible because It’s the worst part for me.

I build out the sides with wainscoting and added a small coat closet in the back. This is as far as I have gotten with them for now. Once I get to the upstairs I will finish them off.

I will be sharing a wainscoting tutorial once I get to the dining room. The part going up the steps was much to complicated to explain in detail.

I must say I like them so far! 


  1. Congratulations for this new blog! I'm proud to be your first follower here.
    It's amazing the things that can be done with foam board. It will be very interesting to see
    the completed house.
    Our project at the Israeli Miniaturists meetings is a camper (trailer). We each are making one. You can see mine, already almost finished, in one of my latest posts. It is made from foam board, including the furniture inside.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. I'm very excited to see your beautiful work. I look forward to see the finished peace.

    All the best from Austria my dear friend. Hubert :-)

  3. Clever work and beautiful as well. Happy to have found your blog.