Friday, January 22, 2016

Dollhouse wainscoting

First, I drew out the design on card stock. Standard wainscoting is 3 foot tall so in 1:12 scale that's 3".

Then I cut the mat board to size and glued it onto the card stock with wood glue. Then filled in any gaps with a light spackling paste.

For the base molding, I used fine sand paper to round the top then made two slices with a craft knife at an angle and pulled out the center strip leaving a small gap.
Spray-paint the entire thing with an enamel paint. This is really important because if you don't the card stock will ripple when you paint it with a water based craft paint.
I painted mine with satin Behr paint because I had it left over from my real house.

Put wood glue on the back, but only behind the mat board. Again, if you put it on the card stock it might ripple.

There it is!

William Morris wallpaper. I have loved William since I discovered him back in art college. He was an amazing designer so I always try to have at least one wall in each dollhouse of his design.

As always, I hope this will help others bring their little dream house to life! :)

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  1. A Clean and Beautiful wainscoting project, which you have clearly explained. Thank you and I Love your wallpaper too!