Saturday, February 4, 2017

Upholstering a couch and fringe carpet for a dollhouse

I originally was going to make a chair with this fabric for a different room in the dollhouse.
I temporarily placed the fabric in this room while I was moving something else and WOW! I loved it there!
This was great because the original fabric I had my heart set on showed glue staines so I couldn't use it. ALWAYS test your fabric first to be sure it takes the glue well. I did a small test on a 2" square.

I am always on the look-out for this specific couch. It is the right scale and very well made. I sold my last one after reupholstering it years ago and was so happy when I spotted this one on eBay.

My squirrels were visiting my studio window for their peanuts while I worked, so I got distracted feeding them and didn’t take step-by-step photos for the couch. But I have listed the order below.

Always start gluing the fabric from what will be in the back to the front.
1. the horizontal panel just above the front skirt.
2. the face of the arms-wrap over no hem
3. the front skirt
4. over the arms and on the sides. Hem around the front, wrap around the back of the couch no hem.
5 side skirts and so on...

The rug is a piece of really soft, thick fabric. It needed some fringe so here's how I did it.

Pull your strands out with a needle tool. Oh gosh my needle tool has dried clay on it. I have had it since art college when I took sculpting 25 years ago! :)

I flipped it over so the green spots would be more faded. (The back of the patterned fabric is white) Surprised that it matched the blue carpet great when I flipped it over. Glue it onto the back of your rug!

In-between each snore..."Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa...."


  1. Hi Auralea! I can clearly see why you decided to use this Beautiful fabric for your sofa because it is Stunning!
    I love the muted allover pattern which is quietly sophisticated and picks up the color of the walls so well!
    Obviously this decorating fact has gone over Grandpa's head, but I can see that he approves your choice 100% too! ;P


    1. Haha thx Elizabeth! Yeah Grandpa is more interested in his snooze for sure!

  2. Your sofa is absolutely charming!

  3. even in dollhouse world the adults cant get a break with a nap lol. good job. love the couch