Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dollhouse corbels

I needed to make lots of corbels for the Kinfeld.

I decided to try to make clay corbels using a mold.

To see how I made the initial corbel for pressing in the mold click HERE and scroll down.

 Scoop the white and the purple in the same amounts.

Knead in your hand until they are mixed.

Once they are dry, sand and paint them. I discovered if they dried in the clay they tended to curve. So I immediately took them out and patted them on the table to keep them flat.

For the very small ones I cut a long piece of molding into small sections (shown below). My blade teeth were not fine enough so I had to spackle and sand the sides. I would recommend putting a better blade on your band saw so you won't have to do this step!

Still have some touching up to do, but there they are!

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