Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kinfeld progress thus far

(The art in the background are mixed media pieces I did for my book.)

The white bar table on the left is also used for roof support. I will make two bar stools to tuck under it. This attic room will be for the college student that has not moved out yet.

 Still have to glue the molding up that I had to rip off for a tower readjustment.

I will be making the fireplace flush to the wall once I get to it.

Wish I had it in me to make custom cabinet but these will have to do. I pulled them from another house I sold. With the backsplash and counter update they look alright.

Those bay windows will be getting a small roof over them.

I gotta say I love my windows!

The stairs pulled away from the wall when I finalized the dining room. Not sure I can fix that but we shall see.


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