Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dollhouse attic fireplace

I wanted an old fireplace in the attic that looks as if they refurbished it while updating the old home.

 I used mat board, card stock, and wood glue. I sanded the mat board to get my curved edging.

I cut off a piece of jewelry finding for the accent.

I used a little wood filler for the paper edges and then sanded.

I mixed light-grey and black acrylic craft paint and painted the inside black.

Layering card stock makes a nice thick rail edge. The bars are painted wire. I placed them in with Tacky Glue on each end with tweezers and pushed them behind the rails.

 I printed my tiles and glued onto mat board with Mod Podge.

I created the grout area with a ball stylus.

Coated with satin varnish. Just a little at a time so the ink wouldn't run.

I'm diggin' it!

Give it a try! With each one you make they will get better and better. This one was my first...

1st Victorian fireplace

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  1. Beautiful! Love the tile.