Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vee Siding

I decided to go with a vee siding effect for the Kinfeld. So I hand-cut the siding strips from a large left over inventory of matted frames. After gluing one onto the exterior base I placed another strip, thin side against the house, to space the next strip so the gap in between would always be the same. There were only a few spots that got a little wonky, but overall I am happy with the finished look.

I was suppose to move onto the roof once the siding was down, but was too eager to see it painted so I mixed up a sample latex paint I got with some older paint I used in my actual house hallway. The original sample I purchased for $3.00 from Home Depot turned out to be a bright green when it was in the shadows or in certain light. Very strange.
So I cut it with some light grey-blue latex and it was perfect! A nice grey-green.

Then I needed to see the white trim against that pretty green! So off I went to A C Moore with my 50% off coupons and bought some sheets of thin wood. I cut the strips to size, sanded, and painted them. A little wood glue and I was a happy girl. :)
Sorry my pics don't quite show the true color because I tend to work at night and the light isn't so great.

Now on to the roof! I will post all the details once I get a little further. It has been a challenge to get the curvature correct, but I am now on my way.

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