Monday, January 11, 2016

Finished dollhouse stairs

I made the railing with paper clay. First I made a long tube of clay and placed it on the spindles, pressed it in, and shaped it. Once it dried I sanded it with sandpaper and carved at it with a knife, glued it onto the spindles, and because this clay shrinks I added more to the end where it touches the post along with some wood glue so it wouldn't pull away as it dried. 
Once dry and sanded I painted that end with the dark wood stain that I used on the post and then highlighted it with a lighter brown acrylic paint.

The rail cuts off before the last spindle on the second floor so I can add to it once I get up there.

Click here to read how I did the rest.

Ah I'm so happy! That was the one part I was worried about. The rest will be fun, fun, fun!


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