Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dollhouse backsplash and counter

I had these pre-made kitchen units and decided I would use them instead of building a full kitchen, because honestly cabinetry bores me. Haha
I needed them to look as if they were one piece instead of three so I made the faux granite counter and a “glass tile” backsplash.

I printed the textures out from my computer and then with a small paintbrush applied Modge Podge to every glass tile avoiding the “grout”. After it dried it was super shiny and looked like glass. I applied it so it was a raised blob, which made it look more realistic.
Then I glued it on the unit using Modge Podge.

Unfortunately the unit doesn’t fit wall to wall so I am still thinking about a way to deal with that. Or maybe I will use my imagination and ignore it!

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